spring has sprung?

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spring has sprung?

An inch of snow on the ground and nighttime temps below freezing aren’t exactly the Heralds of Spring, but in some corners it is beginning to look like springtime. At least indoors. I belong to a local artist’s co-op and spring colors are in full display this week.

New vases and planters for spring flowers, brightly colored scarves, cuddly baby quilts, floral watercolors and photographic prints, and my own Peter Rabbit baskets are making me feel spring-like in spite of the weather. Stop by and visit us at The Sign of the Dove in Chestnut Hill Mall!

Here’s hoping that the cold won’t totally frustrate the spring blooms … and the crocuses, daffodils, and forsythia that began to bloom last week will soon be bursting forth in welcome to warmer weather!

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Wawak Sewing Supplies …
you made my day

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Wawak Sewing Supplies … you made my day

What keeps me going back to a store or service provider? Sometimes it’s a convenient location, sometimes it’s lack of choice, but most often it’s how I am treated. Yep, customer service. An over-worked, and too often empty, phrase.

But today I felt special. I was noticed, listened to, and received a level of customer service that cemented me as a loyal customer.

I recently placed an order with Wawak Sewing Supplies. They had a sale on sewing machine needles. I had a coupon. And I like me a sharp needle. Anyway, within days my order arrived! Ten packs of beautiful needles. Oops, two packages were the wrong size, not my trusty Schmetz sharp size 12 needles but a size I rarely use. So I called Wawak Customer Service. They were friendly, they were helpful, and they said they would immediately send out replacement needles. And I could keep the mis-shipment.

I was pleasantly surprised when, within the hour, I received an email confirming the replacement order. I was very pleasantly amused when I read the line item detail of the order … cookies?! This company knows me!

A few days later, my needles — and cookies! — arrived in my mailbox. Yeah, life is good.

And the beauty of this gesture? Today I feel special. And I’m telling all my friends. Thank you, Wawak!

now this is customer service!

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sewing tip of the day

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sewing tip of the day

Who knew? Sharp needles are good.

Okay, just about everyone who sews knows that sharp needles are good. But I have just recently come to this revelation.

After years of being too cheap to change my sewing machine needle regularly, I’ve found it’s one of those things that really does make a difference in the quality of my machine’s stitching. Yeah, I know, that should be an obvious point (pun intended). But I have recently heeded that good advice to change them regularly and the payoff is great. Straighter stitching, fabric kindness, and fewer thread breaks. How much time have I wasted for the savings of 50 cents?! Yeah, I haven’t been the sharpest tool in the shed …

Do you have a tool of your trade that you have finally realized is especially worthy of your cash?

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merry christmas!

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I put a bird on it …

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I put a bird on it …

I took a leap this summer and submitted my work to become a member of the Sign of the Dove Gallery in the Chestnut Hill Mall. And they accepted me! Woot!

Sign of the Dove is a 40 year old New England cooperative composed of over 50 artists and craftspeople who make pottery, blown, stained and fused glass, weaving, jewelry, art clothing, photgraphy, beading, metal sculpture, dolls, leather, prints, paper crafts, and unique holiday ornaments.

We all work shifts at the store and it’s been great fun to get to know the other members and learn about their work. The big challenge will be to keep my purchases in balance with my sales …

Stop by and see me sometime! The store is conveniently located between the Apple Store and Teavana (yeah, this is not going to be good for my budget). I only work a few shifts per month, but I’d love to see you there … drop me a line and I’ll let you know my schedule.

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hi, mom!
I’m home!

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hi, mom! I’m home!

You know you’re going to miss them when they head off to college. But you won’t miss the laundry. And while a nice bag may not make laundry fun, it might entice them to do it on their own … before they come home. At least that was my hope last fall when I sent my daughter off for freshman year! And so far, so good.

As usual, finding the right fabric was key for me. It had to be sturdy, colorful, and with a modern attitude. Waverly cotton home dec from Jo-Ann Fabrics fit the bill perfectly. And since my daughter’s bag has worked so well, I’ve made a number of laundry bags for other students. With the exception of a great cow skin print, I’ve used Waverly home dec fabrics for all of them. Next I’ve got to find something for the guys, I hear they have laundry, too!

I also include a detachable zippered coin purse for ID, keys, and cash. Maybe a cool bag hasn’t made my daughter’s trips to the laundromat fun, but at least she can go in style.

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the sandwich generation

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the sandwich generation

Ah, now I know what it means to be in the “sandwich generation.” Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m lucky to have my family (they are pretty wonderful), but some days it’s been a challenge to avoid getting squished in the panini grill of it all!

So in an effort to make the proverbial lemonade from lemons (and to avoid working for a bit), I went in search of good panini ideas.

There’s a great list at epicurious.com … headlined by the ever so healthy but totally therapeutic Nutella Panini!

Some beautifully photographed entries from Martha Stewart.

And all the basics from the Food Network.

Now if only I could get someone to do the grocery shopping …

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