who’s a good boy? …

Posted on Dec 14, 2016

ziggy wants in ... please ...

ziggy wants in … please …

Of course, all dog (and cat) owners know the answer to that question!

Dogs are thrilled to learn that they are the good boy (or girl), and it never gets old. Cats, of course, have always known that they are the good boy/girl and will walk away acting unimpressed; but, really, even they appreciate the recognition.

morrison's gang

morrison’s gang

And so, what could be better than a portrait of your most important family member to let them know that you, too, always know “who’s a good boy?” Even when you’re not there to let them know of their revered status.

I began making photo pillows of pets when my daughter went away to college and missed her cat. I enlarged a good photo, printed it on fabric, and made a soft pillow with a flat base so that her loyal companion could sit on her bed and greet her after class.

layla wants food ... now ...

layla wants food … now …

But sometimes there’s an empty space on the wall that needs a pop of color. Or other pets do not appreciate an inanimate interlope on their couch.

Enter the quilt collage portrait.

With a combination of a minimal palette accented with free-motion thread sketching, these portraits can convey your pet’s personality in a special way that once and for all can answer that question …

“Who’s a good boy/girl?” “Me!!!”

me & my pal

me & my pal

If you would like a custom pillow or portrait of your good pet, just send me an email and a few pictures.

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